About Us

Our Mission

Turning small actions into big differences.

Camacho Coffee was created with community in mind. For every ounce of coffee sold, we give back 10% of our gross profits to a charitable or nonprofit organization.

Who We Are

Jesse and Megan Walters, Founders

We are locals to the Columbia, Missouri, area. This is our home. It’s been such a great giving and supportive community throughout our lives, and we’ve always had the desire to give back. Camacho Coffee is our way of doing that! We and our Siberian Husky, Nash, and Alaskan Malamute, Yogi are working hard to “share freely and give generously to those in need.”

Psalm 112:9

Jesse and Megan Walters - Camacho Coffee

Jesse Walters is a Boonville, Missouri, native with most of his childhood spent on the family cattle farm. Jesse received his B.S. in Business Admin. from Columbia College College and MBA from William Woods University, and now uses it to fulfill his passion for helping small businesses like Camacho Coffee!

Megan Walters grew up right here in Columbia, Missouri, with strong roots in the community from childhood. She obtained her psychology degree from MU, and has her own business, Homes By Megan, as an active real estate agent with House of Brokers.


How We Got Here

After a little bit of research, a lot of roasting, and a fair amount of burnt beans, Jesse perfected his roasting technique. Out of pocket became a reality as Jesse would literally carry around the beans in his pocket, passing them out to anyone who was interested in trying his coffee.

A cafe noticed the beans and Jesse acquired a corner of a warehouse from which they could run the business. The pair soon outgrew the warehouse corner (paid for in coffee beans) and moved into a commercial kitchen (possibly still paid for in coffee beans). Through Camacho Coffee, Jesse and Megan are able to fulfil their calling to “share freely and give generously.”