The Perfect Day
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The Perfect Cup of Coffee
Air Roasted Beans Mean the Smoothest Cup of Coffee With
Less Acidity and Less Jittery Side Effects
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✓ Air Roasted

✓ Consistently Fresh Beans

✓ A Community-Minded Company

You're Allowed to Want More from your coffee

  • Grocery store chains often have to stock the oldest and stalest beans.
  • The shelf life for truly fresh coffee is 3-4 weeks after roasting.
  • When coffee beans are over-roasted, it tastes more bitter and acidic.
  • Under-roasted coffee often makes people feel more jittery and shaky.

If You’ve Never Had a Freshly Air Roasted Cup of Coffee,
You May Not Know What You’re Missing in Your Morning Routine!

A Few of Our Best Sellers:

The Camacho Coffee Guarantee

Don’t absolutely positively love it? Let us know and we’ll give you every penny back. That’s how confident we are that this coffee is going to be your new favorite. 

Does Air roasted really matter?


It’s not just a preference or a style. It’s our way of ensuring every bag of coffee reaches a perfectly even roasting level while maintaining the highest quality. 

Air roasting means your coffee has less bitterness and acidity. It even helps reduce some of the jittery feeling that coffee sometimes leaves people with, so there’s a lot to love about it. 

If you like clean, bold flavors without the bad side effects, then air roasting is going to be your cup of tea coffee.

Getting great coffee is pretty easy.

Here’s how:

1. Shop

Look around our options of fresh air-roasted coffee and choose one (or two) you may like and we’ll get to roasting! If you’re not sure what you may like, try our Coffee Quiz to discover a new coffee you’ll love, or if you’re in Columbia, MO, stop by our coffee shop!

2. Sip

If you’ve never had fresh air-roasted coffee, you’re in for a treat! Most coffee in the grocery store has been sitting too long and has lost most of its original flavor, so most people just don’t know what they’re missing! We wish we could be with you for that first sip!

3. Smile

It’s that first-sip feeling when you know it’s going to be a great cup of coffee and an even greater day. It’s one of those cups of coffee you don’t leave on the counter and forget to finish. It’s one of those “I-could-have-sworn-there-was-more-in-here” kind of cups.

What others have had to say:

Every Cup Has an Impact

Every 3 months, we take 10% of the gross revenue of our sales and donate it to a different nonprofit our community is passionate about. Below are some of the non-profits we’ve had the honor to support.

Every dollar you spend helps support organizations like these. In fact, you can even nominate a non-profit you’re passionate about, and we’ll check it out and see if we can get them on the calendar to support!